E.W. Jackson and the Prosperity Gospel

Also from the bloggingheads episode I referenced in my previous post, don’t miss my discussion with Betsy of her article on Bishop E.W. Jackson, the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor in Virginia. She visited his church, and found that he is a proponent of the prosperity gospel, a topic I covered in my book, God’s Profits.


NSA Leaks and Rand Paul, Crunchy Con

On Friday I had the National Review’s Betsy Woodruff on my bloggingheads show, and, among other things, we talked about how the NSA leaks are pointing to an opportunity for Rand Paul. On the subject of Paul, I have a piece up at the Guardian today about his “crunchy” brand of conservatism, and what that means for his views on the role of government. (Spoiler: for Paul, the security/surveillance state is indistinguishable from a government that lawfully and reasonably regulates, say, the environment. Check it out.)

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