E.W. Jackson and the Prosperity Gospel

Also from the bloggingheads episode I referenced in my previous post, don’t miss my discussion with Betsy of her article on Bishop E.W. Jackson, the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor in Virginia. She visited his church, and found that he is a proponent of the prosperity gospel, a topic I covered in my book, God’s Profits.


Women Praying Versus Fundamentalist Men

Earlier this week on my bloggingheads program, I discussed the Israeli group Women of the Wall, and their confrontations with ultra-Orthodox Jews over praying at the Western Wall, with Open Zion’s Sigal Samuel. She has argued that this was a watershed moment for Israeli feminism. We discussed, among other things, the background of this controversy, including the brutal arrest of the Anat Hoffman, group’s leader, last year and whether American Jews will be able to play a role in resolving this issue? You can watch the whole video here.

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