NSA Leaks and Rand Paul, Crunchy Con

On Friday I had the National Review’s Betsy Woodruff on my bloggingheads show, and, among other things, we talked about how the NSA leaks are pointing to an opportunity for Rand Paul. On the subject of Paul, I have a piece up at the Guardian today about his “crunchy” brand of conservatism, and what that means for his views on the role of government. (Spoiler: for Paul, the security/surveillance state is indistinguishable from a government that lawfully and reasonably regulates, say, the environment. Check it out.)


Another Watergate? Um, no.

That’s the question I was asked to discuss at the Guardian. Here’s a snippet:

When the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities held its first Watergate hearing 40 years ago today, it was, by most accounts, a dull affair. Describing five hours of “mostly colorless and snail’s-pace testimony,” the Washington Post observed that Senate investigators did not seem inclined “to sacrifice thoroughness – or, when necessary, even boredom – for sensationalism, just to hold the TV audience”. The New York Times characterized the first day as “low-key,” noting that the committee “took pains today to assert dedication to a careful, undramatic search for facts”.

You can read the whole thing here.

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